Store your Passwords using KeePassX


At the specific Tutorial will present the way to store your passwords using the KeePassX tool. We will analyze the way to generate a strong password using the same tool combined with some parameters. Also we will see the way to add our own database in the case we using KeePass tool.

KeePass was one of the first password management utilities to use security-enhanced password edit controls. Access to the database is restricted by either a master password or a key file. Both methods may be combined to create a "composite master key". If both methods are used, then both must be present to access the password database.

KeePass also encrypts the database with the AES or Twofish symmetric ciphers. AES is the default option, and Twofish is available in 1.x, but is not available in version 2.x. However a separate plugin provides Twofish as an encryption algorithm. Passwords are protected in memory while KeePass is running.

KeePassX Features:
Password management
Import and export
Auto-type, global hot keys, drag-and-drop
Browser Support
Built-in password generator

(Note: For the Purpose of this tutorial we will use Ubuntu as OS and KeePassX tool. You can download KeePassx both for Open Source Os and Windows system from official site.)