Out Now : Nero 12 and Nero 12 Platinum!

Out Now : Nero 12 and Nero 12 Platinum!
Out Now : Nero 12 and Nero 12 Platinum!

Released on : 02-October-2012

Nero 12 has following features : 

1. Rip DVDs, Blu-ray Discs™1 and AVHCD™ videos containing your personal content, as well as videos from online sources
2. Import video from AVCHD™ camcorders, DSLR cameras, smartphones or other capture devices
3. Convert video for optimal playback on an XBOX 360™, PS3™/PS® Vita, iPad®, iPhone®, Android tablet or smartphone, Kindle Fire™, and many other devices
4. Edit videos and apply new slow and fast motion effects, video stabilization effects1 and incredible vintage film effects and retro film themes
5. Create professional-looking Blu-ray Discs and DVD-Video discs, complete with menus, chapters and customizable themes
6. Manage videos, photos and music in one centralized media library
7. Stream movies, photos and music from the media library to streaming-enabled HDTVs, game consoles and mobile devices
8. Play videos from Blu-ray Discs1, DVDs and virtually any video file format on a PC or laptop
9. Nero 12 is ready for Windows 8, as well as legacy versions of the OS going back to Windows XP.

Nero 12 Platinum has all of the above, plus:

1. Play all your Blu-ray Discs™
2. Rip Blu-ray Disc™ to virtually any video file format*
3. Stabilize shaky videos from Smartphone and handheld cameras
4. Hundreds more video effects and retro movie theme templates

Download the trial version :