How to Hide Secret Files in Images

How to Hide Secret Files in Images

How to Hide Secret Files in Images

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Use any image, i prefer James Bond :D
For this trick you will require two files:
1. A image in which you want to hide data.
2. A archive files e.g. .ZIP or .RAR containing the data you are eager to hide.

So i will call the original image as image.jpg and original archive files as
Put both files image.jpg and in same directory. I would prefer C drive for this tutorial.

Run following command:

copy /b image.jpg + new.jpg

Once you will run this command, another file will be created in same directory with name new.jpg, This file will be same as original image, but if you will open this image with WINRAR or some other achieve program then you will be able to see the data which was in file.

So that's how you can send confidential letters or some other data to your girlfriend and no one will be able to find it.

This post is entirely dedicated to a  very old friend of mine Ajay Dhaka  :-) He actually shared this trick with me 3 years ago. I still use it to save my personal data :P

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