Evolution, the term used to define advancement in any stream, be it the human evolution from a monkey, or the evolution of telephones to mobile phones, the advancement has always brought amazement and convenience. Now, in the 21st Century, the world gets to taste technology in the most aw-inspiring avatar. Ever thought about being able to control your hip and happening Android smartphones without having being able to look at them? Cluttered in a tight spot with your phone out of physical reach? The answer is this call of ticks tocks, the Sony Android Smartwatch MN2. Presented in a square inspired aluminium dial case with a 1.3 inch OLED touch-interactive screen, this watch practically operates your phone while it lies vacant in a diameter of 10 metres around you.

Connected to your Android phone with a bluetooth connection, this battery operated gadget is more of a show-starter than a show-stopper. Sleek and suave, this wrist watch, as we would love to call it can do a lot more than just express time. All digital and hardcore, interaction is always a pleasure-some affair with this invention. To know more of what more this must-have mechanism of electronics and science can do, read below:


1)Design and dimensions:

As innovative as the idea of operating your cellphone with your wrist watch, the main attraction of the smartwatch remains the OLED display which is given an aluminum case back, with a power button replacing the crown winder of any other ordinary watch.

The dimensions of the watch are:
36 mm in height
36 mm in width
8 mm in thickness
15.5gms in weight (approximate) for the smartwatch main unit
26gms in weight (approximate) for the watch band

The Sony SmartWatch MN2 comes with a durable and stylish 20 mm rubber strap with the classic buckle clasp for closure.

Also, you can go ahead and change the detachable strap of the smartwatch, with many designs available as per your choice and convenience.


Lighter, thinner and more efficient than an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), the display of the smartwatch works with an OLED display (Organic Light Emitting Diode) which works without a backlight, without compromising on display quality.

The display of the SmartWatch is Scratch resistant, splash proof with multi-touch capability on a multi-coloured screen, delivering smart, smooth and swift interaction on a 128x129 resolution supported by 65k colors in the background.


The liberty to change time display to-and-fro digital interface and analogue display comes equipped as a freedom in the Smart Watch.

4)Call function:

With an in-built vibrator supporting call notifications, the smartwatch informs the user with an immediate vibration and the Called ID function, along with touch interaction resulting in acceptance and rejection of the incoming calls.

The smartwatch accesses the smartphone's phonebook to make relevant decisions in terms of making outgoing calls, without having to manually do the same on your smartphone.


Check messages, e-mails and other notifications on the 1.3 inch digital display.
Interact with swipe scroll for easy convenience.
Send pre-defined SMS templates like "I'm busy, messaging-call me" for missed calls.

6)POP3email support:

POP3 stands short for Post Office Protocol.
Equipped with a 3rd version of the POP, this function provides the ease to check any e-mails through the small screen of the watch, without compromising on the content.


Add reminders, birthdays and other important events on the full-fledged calender equipped.
On occurance of any event, this smartwatch vibrates on your wrist, sending you an urge to check the screen immediately.
Tap the screen and read the full details of the reminder you inserted.


From checking Facebook and Twitter on computers, the fast-paced world moved to checking social networking sites on their mobile phones. This smartwatch takes social networking to another level by giving you the convenience to read Facebook messages and Tweets as soon as they come in on the watch screen itself.

9)Applications online:

With Google Play, the store offering endless applications to Android users supporting this Smartwatch, you can update this smartwatch with various and useful fun applications available on the Google Play Store.
Download innovative applications tailor-made for the Smartwatch and explore the convenience that comes along.

10)Music Player:

With a music player application available at the Google Play Store, this smartwatch works as a remote to your Android smartphone.
Play, pause, stop, skip forward or backward, raise the volume, lower the volume, all through the smart touch interactive OLED display of this Android device.


Yes, a calculator. With the huge line-up of magnificence this watch can suffice, it is also given an in-built calculator designed to work optimally on the 1.3 inch display.


On a fast day i.e. back to back incoming calls, messages, checking e-mails, accessing apps, the smart watch is renowned to deliver 10 hours of usage before requiring urgent recharging of battery.
On an average, the battery life suffices an approximate 3-4 days usage, with a 14 days stand-by limit.


Powered by Bluetooth version 3.0, connecting the smartwatch to your smart phone takes a simple bluetooth connection, much like any other two bluetooth devices and your watch is ready to deliver the worth right away.
The Bluetooth range is a recorded 10 metres for optimal functioning and connectivity to your smartwatch.

14)In box supplies:

Smart unit main unit with clip
Black coloured rubber watch band
Watchband adapter
USB charger
User manual+Warranty leaflet

The smartwatch is optimized and compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia smartphone along with a varied list of many other Android operated Smartphones.

The list of Sony Smartwatch MN2 fully compatible smart phones:
HTC Desire C                                           HTC Desire S                                       HTC One S
HTC One V                                               HTC One X                                         HTC Wildfire
HTC Wildfire S

Huawei S8650

Motorola ATRIX                                     Motorola Defy                                     Motorola Droid2/Milestone 2
Motorola RAZR

Orange San Francisco

Samsung Galaxy 5                                  Samsung Galaxy Ace 2                       Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Gio                               Samsung Galaxy Mini                          Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy S II                               Samsung Galaxy S II ICS                   Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy SL                                Samsung Galaxy W                             Samsung Nexus S

The list of Sony Smartwatch MN2 partially compatible smart phones:
HTC Wildfire S

Motorola Defy+

Samsung Galaxy Ace                              Samsung Galaxy Fit                              Samsung Galaxy Gio
Samsung Galaxy Note

The list of smart phones not compatible with the Sony Smartwatch MN2:
HTC Evo 3D / Shooter HTC Sensatio

LG Optimus Me LG Optimus One

Motorola XOOM

To know how to operate your Sony SmartWatch, Click the link below:
Sony MN2 SmartWatch User Manual



Product TypeWatchBrandSonyModel NumberMN2 (Smart Watch)GenderUnisex


Case Diameter36 mm   (See Watch Size Guide)Strap MaterialRubberDial ColorBlackBand ColorBlackCase ShapeSquareWater Resistance50 metresWatch MovementQuartzCase Thickness8 mmDial Glass MaterialMineral

Review: 5 Star