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How to find hidden files on your computer without changing the folder properties

This is very basic but very effective method to check any hidden files on your computer. Sometime due to some viruses our files properties gets changed to hidden and due to these viruses you will not be able to go to "Folder Options" and change the properties to show you hidden files, so what will you do in that case?

You have two following diffrent options in that case: 

1. Use Unhide.exe - 

If you will run this tool it will change the attributes of all the hidden files to show. and you will be able to get your files back.
You can download Unhide.exe From here:


2. Use Google Chrome -

You can use Google Chrome to check all the hidden files on your machine.Just simply open Google Chrome, and type: the location of the folder which you want to check in address bar
e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\imansuree\Desktop\ it will change it to "File:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/imansuree/Desktop/". And you will be able to see all the files here. you can click on any file and that files will be copied to your Downloads folder.

use google chrome to search hidden files on your computer.
How to use google chrome to search hidden files on your computer.
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