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How to optimize your Facebook fan page for SEO (Search Engine Optmization)

Hi Folks,

This is a great video explaining about SEO tips and tricks for your Facebook page, So you can get more traffic on your Facebook fan page via search engines. Watch the video and leave your comment on this post if you need some other tips about Search Engine Optimization.

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Missing your Win7 Gadgets in Win8...Don't Worry :)

You all have used Microsoft Desktop gadgets in your daily computing.

WIndows 8 Gadgets

Desktop gadgets are  small specialized applications that are generally designed to do simple tasks, such as clocks, calendars, RSS notifiers or search tools. They can also be used to control external applications such as Windows Media Center. These makes your daily computing easier.

But this feature is longer there in the latest windows(Windows 8). But we are providing you a way so that you can have your Favorate Windows 7 or Vista gadgets on your Windows 8.


There is no official way to install desktop gadget on Windows 8 by Microsoft, but you can get them back by installing a free utility called "8Gadgetpack", available on

WIndows 8 Gadgets

After installing this Utility it will add a Gadget Sidebar to which you can add any of the gadgets you had previously installed on Windows 7 or Vista. You can keep the gadgets without Sidebar also, if you want.

In addition, it ships with about 20 different popular gadgets that you can install right away on the system without having to go gadget hunting on the web first.

Note : Microsoft has officially removed it's Gadget Download page(as they say "we want to focus on the exciting possibilities of the newest version of Windows, the Windows website no longer hosts the gadget gallery.") so carefully download a gadget from internet (3rd Party) and only select the gadgets that you have trusted before.

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Top 10 Free Online Storage

Top 10 Free Online Storage.

Top 10 Free Online Storage

So here are some top online storage with free storage facility up to 50 GB.

1. ADrive:  ADrive gives you free 50 Gb online storage with Basic plan.
Check out the official website here And select personal basic plan on the bottom-->

2. iDrive: iDrive gives you 10 GB online free storage.
Check out the official website here -->

3. Sky Drive: Microsoft Sky Drive gives you 7 GB free online storage with account creation.
Check out the official website here -->

4. Drop Box: Drop Box is another most popular online storage, which gives you 2 GB online storage with account creation. and then with referring friends and sharing on fb and twitter you can get upto 15GB online storage.
Check out the official website here and sign up for free (This is a referral link so if you sign up through this link i will get 500 MB storage for free, so please use this link only)-->

5. Google Drive:  Google Drive is powered by Google. Which gives you free 5GB online storage. Check out the official website here -->

6. Zone Alarm Online Backup: Zone Alarm online backup gives yo free 5 GB online storage.
Check out the official website here -->

7. Sugar Sync: Sugar Sync gives you 5 Gb online storage with multiple deive sync option.
Check out the official website here -->

8. Comodo Cloud: Comodo Cloud gives you 5 Gb free online storage  with free account creation.
Check out the official website here -->

9. SymForm:  Symform gives you free 2 GB online storage with account creation and then your storage capacity will keep increasing (unlimited) based on your contribution.
Check out the official website here -->

10. Free HiDrive: Free HiDrive gives you free 5 Gb storage.
Check out the official website here -->

Install Whats App on Laptop/Desktop

Install Whats App on PC: 

Whats App is an application which provides you the facility to send free SMS to your friends and phone contacts. 
Someone asked me about How to download and install Whats App on your computer or laptop for free?
Here is the way to do it. 

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1. The first thing which you need to do is download and install Bluestack Application from

2. We proceed  To install  BlueStacks. Welcome screen will appear then we press the button that appears on the low right part called Continue.

3. then will appear an install button. We click it.

After these 3 steps BlueStack will execute and we will proceed to install WhatsApp

1. On the right top corner there will be a search icon. Click on that and type Whats App and hit search. Later it will ask you to download and install and that way you need to install Whats App on Blue Stack.

2. Now go to My Apps, you will find Whats App there... now we will configure it. 

Follow these steps to configure WhatsApp for PC

1. In YOUR COUNTRY you must select your country.

2. Then in YOUR COUNTRY CODE AND PHONE NUMBER check that the code of your country is the right one and in the following field write your telephone number.

3. Now click on the button OK and a window will appear where it says that the number will be verified sending an SMS to the mobile number that you wrote.

4. In a few minutes you will receive a 3 digits number that you will have to write in the check case..
5. After your number there been checked will request your user's name.

You already have whatsApp! In your computer. You already can add contacts eliminate or modify like you want.

Install Whats App On PC/Computer/Laptop/Desktop with Bluestack
Install Whats App On PC/Computer/Laptop/Desktop with Bluestack

How To Undo Send Emails on

How To Undo Send Emails on

How To Undo Send Emails on

Samw or samg?
Did I just send that message to Sam W.? Ouch…
It may not be too late yet. Gmail can hold back delivering emails for some seconds after you have clicked Send. You can "unsend" an email and recover from false recipients, spelling mistakes and maybe forgotten attachments.

Unsend an Email with Gmail

To take back an email shortly after you have sent it in Gmail:
  • Make sure Undo Send is enabled (see below).
  • After having sent an email in Gmail:
    • Click Cancel immediately (if background sending is not enabled),
    • click Undo when it appears or
    • press z.
  • Make any desired changes to the message, then send it again.

Change the Time Before a Message is Delivered with "Undo Send" Enabled in Gmail

You have at least 5 seconds to unsend the email. To increase the time before the email gets delivered:
  • Click the Settings gear in your Gmail's toolbar.
  • Choose Settings from the menu that has come up.
  • Open the General category.
  • Pick the desired time to undo message delivery for Send cancellation period: __ secondsunder Undo Send:.
  • Click Save Changes.
(While offline, you can avoid having emails sent — and unsend them — for even longer.)

Enable Undo Send in Gmail

To have Gmail hold back delivery of sent messages for a few seconds so you can take them back:
  • Click the Settings gear in Gmail.
  • Select Settings from the menu that appears.
  • Go to the Labs tab.
  • Make sure Enable is selected for Undo Send.
    • You can locate Undo Send quickly by starting to type "undo" under Search for a lab:.
  • Click Save Changes.
How To Undo Send Emails on
How To Undo Send Emails on

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Hi Friends today i am gonna share some new Facebook Emoticons (Smileys) which you might have never used.

All you need to do is just type the code in chat window for respective smiley and here you go !!

Facebook New Chat Emoticons
Facebook New Chat Emoticons

Type these codes in Facebook Chat Window codes to send Facebook new chat emoticons : 




[[136446926442912]] = friendster
[[googlechrome]] = google chrome
[[2231777543]] = twitter
[[87741124305]] = old youtube logo
[[2513891999]] = new youtube logo


[[297354436976262]] = Santa Claus
[[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]] = Santa Claus 2
[[111751548879681]] = Adidas
[[9gags]] = 9gag logo
[[FapFapFapMeme]] = Fap Fap Fap
[[106043532814443]] = Y U NO Guy
[[211782832186415]] = Me Gusta
[[142670085793927]] = Mother of God
[[170815706323196]] = Cereal Guy
[[168456309878025]] = LOL Face
[[167359756658519]] = NO Guy
[[218595638164996]] = Yao Ming
[[224812970902314]] = Derp
[[192644604154319]] = Derpina
[[177903015598419]] = Forever Alone
[[105387672833401]] = Fuck yeah
[[100002727365206]] = Challang accepted
[[100002752520227]] = Okay face
[[129627277060203]] = Poker face
[[224812970902314]] = Okay face
[[98438140742]] = Socially awkward penguin
[[FUUUOFFICIAL]] = Rage face
[[168040846586189]] = Feel like a sir
[[125038607580286]] = Forever alone christmas


[[NotBaad]] = Obama
[[barackobama]] = Obama 2
[[254055957957388]] = Jackie Chan
[[218595638164996]] = Yao Ming
[[246631252031491]] = Ryan Gosling
[[VinDiesel]] = Vin Diesel
[[CharlieSheen]] = Charlie Sheen
[[theuncrunched]] = Loudmouth
[[DonaldTrump]] = Greed
[[123670240998921]] = David Hasselhoff
[[Zuck]] = Brilliance
[[simoncowell]] = Condescension, judgment
[[46637413257]] = Badass
[[WilliamShakespeare1]] = Shakespeare
[[CaptainJackSparrow]] = Pirate


 [[334954663181745]] = Spongebob
[[100001755689032]] = Squirtle
[[148935948523684]] = Pedobear
[[120219704713360]] = Sonic
[[123363421035031]] = Pooh
[[132045620187428]] = Piglet
[[147290738648754]] = Ultraman
[[40134995667]] = Ichigo
[[100001076048283]] = shin-chan
[[196431117116365]] = Shin chan 2
[[250128751720149]] = domo
[[326134990738733]] = Pikachu
[[155393057897143]] = Doraemon
[[224502284290679]] = Nobita
[[144685078974802]] = Mojacko
[[236147243124900]] = Pokeball
[[269153023141273]] = Poring
[[332936966718584]] = Hello Kitty
[[281009981935146]] = Angry Birds
[[252497564817075]] = Kerokeroppi
[[249199828481201]] = Konata Izumi
[[223328504409723]] = Gintoki Sakata
[[278104690058]] = Disapproval


[[32933472565]] = AC/DC
[[JustinBieber]] = Justin Beiber
[[Nickelback]] = Nickelback
[[131572223581891]] = Led Zeppelin
[[17337462361]] = Queen
[[70307378227]] = The Beatles
[[10225487330]] = The Who
[[10212595263]] = Metallica
[[10901008068]] = Guns n' Roses
[[13141232713]] = Pink Floyd
[[PearlJam]] = Pearl Jam!
[[133580073375696]] = Avenged Sevenfold
[[123241807694952]] = Killswitch Engage
[[49269768301]] = Rolling Stones!
[[32043114034]] = Nirvana
[[115875091774774]] = Megadeth
[[15292660169]] = Overkill
[[BobMarley]] = Bob Marley


[[196920740401785]] - A
[[113544575430999]] - B
[[294715893904555]] - C
[[294660140569858]] - D
[[328415510520892]] - E
[[270221906368791]] - F
[[212614922155016]] - G
[[205633882856736]] - H
[[256255337773105]] - I
[[288138264570038]] - J
[[296999947008863]] - K
[[216672855078917]] - L
[[278786215503631]] - M
[[241341589270741]] - N
[[312524205448755]] - O
[[200138403410055]] - P
[[165410113558613]] - Q
[[203403609746433]] - R
[[334427926570136]] - S
[[250632158335643]] - T
[[285985351447161]] - U
[[343627398996642]] - V
[[315740851791114]] - W
[[136342506479536]] - X
[[224173507657194]] - Y
[[317710424919150]] - Z

Facebook Chat
Facebook Chat

Happy Chatting and Merry Christmas.. :)
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How to Hide Secret Files in Images

How to Hide Secret Files in Images

How to Hide Secret Files in Images

Select image
Use any image, i prefer James Bond :D
For this trick you will require two files:
1. A image in which you want to hide data.
2. A archive files e.g. .ZIP or .RAR containing the data you are eager to hide.

So i will call the original image as image.jpg and original archive files as
Put both files image.jpg and in same directory. I would prefer C drive for this tutorial.

Run following command:

copy /b image.jpg + new.jpg

Once you will run this command, another file will be created in same directory with name new.jpg, This file will be same as original image, but if you will open this image with WINRAR or some other achieve program then you will be able to see the data which was in file.

So that's how you can send confidential letters or some other data to your girlfriend and no one will be able to find it.

This post is entirely dedicated to a  very old friend of mine Ajay Dhaka  :-) He actually shared this trick with me 3 years ago. I still use it to save my personal data :P

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How to Download torrent files with IDM

How to Download torrent files with IDM
Have you ever thought that how can you download torrents without any bit-torrent client directly from browser or via IDM (Internet Download Manager).
Torrent with IDM
Torrent with IDM

Yes, it is possible. Just follow these steps and you are ready to download any torrent with IDM.

Create a account with
Create a account with

  • Once you have created a account on this website, log in there and upload the torrent file which you want to download. after uploading select free. It will take sometime to create a cache of the file which you want to download. once the caching process is done. You are ready to go.
Upload torrent to
Upload torrent to
Caching the file on
Caching the file on
  • Once caching is done then you need to click on Zip icon as shown in below image and it will start downloading the files.
Click on Zip Icon as shown in image to download torrent with IDM
Click on Zip Icon as shown in image
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How to get hidden email address from Facebook friends

How to get hidden email address from Facebook friends
If you need to know what are the email addresses of your Facebook friends then it will be a useful trick for you. We will use for this trick.


Step 1. Go to and click on sign up to create a new account.

Step 2. Once you fill the  form and your account been created, then you are ready to perform the step number 3. Remember that do not go to Yahoo India version. Fill the form and continue as per shown in below form. Sign Up ! Sign Up !

Step3. Sign in to your account and then go to contacts and click on import contacts. The select import from Facebook.
Import Contacts
Import Contacts
Step 4. Click on Facebook logo to import contacts from Facebook.

Import Contacts From Facebook
Import Contacts From Facebook

Step 5. Click OK on the next screen where it says share with Yahoo !

Share with Yahoo !
Share with Yahoo !
That's all ! You have successfully imported all the contacts from Facebook. Now go to contacts and search with name you will find that person's email address there. 
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How to find hidden files on your computer without changing the folder properties

This is very basic but very effective method to check any hidden files on your computer. Sometime due to some viruses our files properties gets changed to hidden and due to these viruses you will not be able to go to "Folder Options" and change the properties to show you hidden files, so what will you do in that case?

You have two following diffrent options in that case: 

1. Use Unhide.exe - 

If you will run this tool it will change the attributes of all the hidden files to show. and you will be able to get your files back.
You can download Unhide.exe From here:


2. Use Google Chrome -

You can use Google Chrome to check all the hidden files on your machine.Just simply open Google Chrome, and type: the location of the folder which you want to check in address bar
e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\imansuree\Desktop\ it will change it to "File:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/imansuree/Desktop/". And you will be able to see all the files here. you can click on any file and that files will be copied to your Downloads folder.

use google chrome to search hidden files on your computer.
How to use google chrome to search hidden files on your computer.
Learn How To: Customize Windows 7 Boot Screen with Windows 7 Boot Updater
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How To: Customize Windows 7 Boot Screen with Windows 7 Boot Updater

Hi Guys, Today i am going to share about how to customize windows 7's boot screen with  Windows 7 Boot Updater. With Boot Screen Updater you can customize the resume screen in windows and you can customize the background images, fonts and color using this tool.

This is very good tool for windows customization, it is simple to use but use it at your own risk because it edits five windows files those are very important for loading and resuming windows.
Windows 7 Boot Updater
Windows 7 Boot Updater
So if you change the boot screen with this tool and you want to revert it back then you can go to backup option of this tool and can restore it back to original settings.


  1. Modifies the boot animation, colors, text, and background
  2. Modifies the resume from hibernation screen as well
  3. Will create the animation from 105 BMP, PNG, GIF, or TIFF images or use a single (non-animated) image
  4. Does not require any other applications.
  5. Designed to be idiot-proof by having numerous checks
  6. Automatically backs-up the modified files
  7. Does not require test-signing or no-integrity-checks to be enabled
  8. Works for all versions of Windows 7: any language, any edition, 32-bit or 64-bit, RTM or SP1
  9. Available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Hebrew, and Vietnamese.
  10. Works even if your setup has the hidden "System Reserved" partition
  11. Can be run as a GUI, command-line program, or installer/uninstaller.
Download This Software ---> Here

Optimize Virtual Memory of your computer

What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory combines your computer’s RAM with temporary space on your hard disk. When RAM runs low, virtual memory moves data from RAM to a space called a paging file. Moving data to and from the paging file frees up RAM to complete its work.
The more RAM your computer has, the faster your programs will generally run. If a lack of RAM is slowing your computer, you might be tempted to increase virtual memory to compensate. However, your computer can read data from RAM much more quickly than from a hard disk, so adding RAM is a better solution.
If your computer lacks the random access memory (RAM) needed to run a program or operation, Windows uses virtual memory to compensate.

Virtual memory and error messages

If you receive error messages that warn of low virtual memory, you need to either add more RAM or increase the size of your paging file so that you can run the programs on your computer. Windows usually manages the size automatically, but you can manually change the size of virtual memory if the default size is not enough for your needs.

Change the size of virtual memory

If you receive warnings that your virtual memory is low, you'll need to increase the minimum size of your paging file. Windows sets the initial minimum size of the paging file at the amount of random access memory (RAM) installed on your computer plus 300 megabytes (MB), and the maximum size at 3 times the amount of RAM installed on your computer. If you see warnings at these recommended levels, then increase the minimum and maximum sizes.

To optimize the virtul memory follow these steps:

1. Open System by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking System.

2. In the left pane, click Advanced system settings.   If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

3. On the Advanced tab, under Performance, click Settings.

4. Click the Advanced tab, and then, under Virtual memory, click Change.

5. Clear the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives check box.

6. Under Drive [Volume Label], click the drive that contains the paging file you want to change.

7. Click Custom size, type a new size in megabytes in the Initial size (MB) or Maximum size (MB) box, click Set, and then click OK.

8. Increases in size usually don't require a restart, but if you decrease the size, you'll need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. We recommend that you don't disable or delete the paging file.
For More info Check the below image:
Optimize Virtual Memory of your computer
Optimize Virtual Memory of your computer

How to create System Recovery Disk from a USB Key

How to create System Recovery Device from a USB Key
In our daily life sometime situation occurs when we decide to just wipe everything from our computer and do a clean installation and just start it over.

Using the computer makes your computer slow if you don't optimize your computer frequently. We use web browsers to browse websites and we use several programes for our office or home uses, they all store some temp data and this data keeps growing with time and makes your computer slow. So to overcome this problem you need to optimize your computer. I will write a post describing about how to optimize the computer.

Sometime you keep getting a blue screen whenever you turn on your computer and it does not allow you to do anything on your computer, so on these cases you want to do a clean installation or recover the computer from a restore point or do a factory restore by recovery partition or recovery disk.

A reader asked me about how to create a recovery media from a USB drive. So here is a solution. Dell provides a option to create your own recovery key. All the computer that comes with Dell Datasafe or Alienware Respawn have a feature/ability to make their own recovery media. You will get an option to create a recovery disk on both DVD or USB key. The USB or DVD will format your hard drive, creare appropriate partition, and restore the computer to its out of the box factory state.

The following video will help you in understanding the process better.

Exploiting Software Bible - over 200 pages of the latest exploiting and protecting techniques

Exploiting Software Bible
Exploiting Software Bible
I'd like to share with you that Hakin9 has published a more than 200 pages issue consisting of the best articles published in Exploiting Software Magazine up to this time. Now also single issues are available! You can download Exploiting Software Bible here

You can also subscribe to Hakin9 Magazine here

A one year subscription covers 50 new issues every (4 new issues every month) plus all issues published since 2005. Subsription covers 4 magazines: Hakin9, Hakin9 Extra, Exploiting Software Hakin9 and Hakin9 On Demand. 

Create your own WiFi hotspot with 3G

Create your own WiFi hotspot with 3G
Create your own WiFi hotspot

Create your own WiFi hotspot

Almost all the portable gadgets we use today need to be connected to the internet. Instead of getting an individual internet connection for each of them, you can use one of them to create a personal, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. All your other Wi-Fi enabled devices will then be able to connect to this hotspot and share the primary internet connection. 

Apart from the practicality angle, there can be many uses for this. Your laptop can have high-speed internet connectivity on the move. Within your own network, you
devices will be able to share data with each other. And you'll save quite a bit of cash at the end of the month if you share just one unlimited data plan with five other devices. 

Using a Symbian Phone
Using a Symbian Phone 

Using a Symbian Phone 

Symbian Series 60 phones with Wi-Fi were actually the first to get the ability to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, using a free app called JoikuSpot Light. JoikuSpot also supports certain Samsung Symbian Series 60 phones like the Omnia HD i8910 and the Maemo-powered Nokia N900. Well, JoikuSpot is still around ( and has been upgraded to include support for Symbian Series 60 5th Edition (touch phones like the Nokia 5800 and 5530 Xpress Music) and the latest Symbian^3 (for phones like the Nokia C6, C7, N8 and E7). With the Light version of JoikuSpot, you cannot name your network and the Wi-Fi hotspot that you create is unsecured, meaning that anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device will be able to connect to it. 

The Light version is also limited in the sense that it only supports basic internet protocols (not all websites will be accessible using a hotspot created by JoikuSpot Light). Apart from that, there are no restrictions on the Light version, no time limitations and no obligation to upgrade to the paid version. To download the Light version directly to your phone, visit from your phone's web browser. If you prefer to secure your Wi-Fi hotspot so that only you can access it, you can get the paid version for $12.50 from 

The iPhone 4 (post iOS 4.3)
The iPhone 4 (post iOS 4.3) 

Using iPhone 4 (post iOS 4.3) 

Wi-Fi tethering on the iPhone was previously only available for jailbroken devices. The MyWi application (available for $19.99 from the Cydia installer on jailbroken devices) can connect to a cellular network on the iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPad to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. The app also enables USB and Bluetoothtethering on the same devices. More information on MyWi can be found on the developers website, No such app is available for non-jailbroken devices. However, with the latest iOS 4.3 software update (available to download from March 10, 2011 onwards), the iPhone 4 also gets the personal Wi-Fi hotspot option officially. Using the new feature, three devices can connect to the iPhone 4 using Wi-Fi, and another two using USB and Bluetooth. At this point, it's not clear as to why Apple is not offering the feature on older devices like the iPhone 3G/3GS or for that matter on the 3G version of the iPad. 

Using an Android device
Using an Android device 

Using an Android device 

Android has the most options when it comes to sharing an internet connection via Wi-Fi. For starters, any phone or tablet with Android version 2.2 or later has the personal Wi-Fi hotspot feature built in by default (without any restrictions). To activate it, go to Settings > Wiress and Network > Mobile AP. Once you activate Mobile AP, you can configure it with a name, add an access password and even hide the network so that only trusted devices can connect to it. 

There are many options for older Android devices too. PdaNet is an option for USB and Bluetooth tethering (It was earlier also available for Palm and Windows Mobile phones). You can download the app directly from the Android App Market, connect the device to your computer and access the data connection. Another open source project is Android Wi-Fi Tether (available from The app is available even for older devices with Android version 1.1 and 1.5 (cupcake). However, to use the Android Wi-Fi Tether app with Android version 2.1, you need to have a 'rooted' device. Rooting an Android phone is a process similar to jailbreaking on Apple iOS devices. It allows more access to the device's hidden settings. Rooting is not illegal but will definitely void the warranty on the phone. 

Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile  

Using Windows Mobile

Devices like the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC HD2 powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 can also use JoikuSpot-the same application that Symbian smartphones use. It is available for purchase and immediate download from Another option is WmWiFirouter ( While a 21-day free trial of the app is available, you will have to buy the full version for Rs 940 to continue using it after that. Wi-Fi tethering is not yet available for the latest Windows Phone 7 devices yet.

Using a Windows 7 Laptop
Using a Windows 7 Laptop 

Using a Windows 7 Laptop 

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled Windows 7 laptop (32-bit or 64-bit), a free program called Connectify ( can create a personal hotspot, allowing other nearby laptops, phones, portable gaming consoles and tablets to use your internet connection. Like with any Wi-Fi router, you can configure it with a name, add access passwords and hide the network (disable broadcasting). Once the software is installed, the Connectify hotspot can be started and stopped at any time from the Windows 7 notification area on the right side of the taskbar. 

Connectify works with most Wi-Fi cards in laptops, though the functionality may be limited in some cases. For example, if your laptop connects to the internet using Wi-Fi itself, it may not be able to use Connectify to further share the network. If your laptop connects to the internet using an Ethernet cable or using a USB data card, Connectify will work without an issue. However, if your laptop has a Windows 7 certified Wi-Fi card, it will support 'Access Point' connections. This means that even if the laptop connects to the internet using Wi-Fi, it will still be able to share the internet connection with other devices. If your laptop has a Windows 7 certified Wi-Fi card that supports Access Point connections, Connectify can also be used as a 'repeater' or range extender for your home Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is place your laptop towards the periphery of your existing Wi-Fi network and enable Connectify. 
Unfortunately, Connectify depends on improvements made to Windows 7 to operate, hence it is not compatible with Windows XP or Vista (although it is compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2). Connectify will also soon be available for Android devices (available on the Android App Market). 

Tata PhotonWi-fi
Tata PhotonWi-fi 

Using Tata PhotonWi-fi 

Apart from the regular Tata Photon+ USB device, you can also go for the Tata Photon Wifi. It is a pocket-sized, battery-powered router that connects to the Photon network and provides high speed Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 5 nearby devices. It costs Rs 6,599 (plus the usual monthly plan).

Olive VR-9 Router
Olive VR-9 Router 

Using Olive VR-9 Router 

This battery-powered device is an easy way out if you already have a high-speed USB data card. The Olive Nexus VR-9 has a USB port into which you can plug in a data card and it creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be accessed by five devices. It costs Rs 3,500 and can be purchased from It has a complicated initial setup process-you have to connect the device with an Ethernet cable, enter the router's IP address and feed in data card details (number, username, password). The battery lasts for 4 hours but you have the flexibility to plug your data card directly into the laptop anyway. It might make more sense than the Tata Photon WiFi because even after adding the cost of a USB data card (Rs 1,599 for Reliance, Rs 1,799 for Tata), it is still cheaper.

How to send Emails from Command Prompt.

This is my first post. one of my Friends asked me how to send email from command prompt. So i decided to publish it on my blog.

To send an email from SMTP Telnet client must be installed on your computer.
In windows XP Telnet is already installed but on Windows Vista/Seven you have to install telnet from Control Panel. 

Install Telnet on Windows Vista/Seven :
To install Telnet in Windows Vista/Seven go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows feature on or off  > Check telnet client on this box and click ok.
Telnet is installed on your machine now.
How to send Emails from Command Prompt.
How to send Emails from Command Prompt.

Send Email From Command Prompt (Telnet/Smtp): 
To send an email to particular email address first you need to connect that server by telnet.
Here i am taking as an example.

Step 1. Go to type "" in MXLOOKUP box. once you will submit it will give you the IP address and Mail servers host name. For the IP address and mail server host names are as shown below.

How to send Emails from Command Prompt.
How to send Emails from Command Prompt.

Step 2. Copy the first IP address and Go to command prompt.
            Type: " telnet 25 "  and hit enter.
How to send Emails from Command Prompt.
How to send Emails from Command Prompt.

Once you will hit enter you will get a banner of smtp server that will look like this:
How to send Emails from Command Prompt.
Step 3. Now Type " ehlo hi "  and hit enter.

Once you hit enter you will get following response. at your service, []
250-SIZE 35882577

Step 4. once you get response from SMTP server type  " mail from:<>" here is the email address from which you want to send email.
Note: This email address can be anything it does not need to be email address.
for example here you can type : :D

You will get following response.

250 2.1.0 OK bl9si5353282obb.40

Step 5. Now type " rcpt to:<> " and hit enter.

You will get following response.

250 2.1.5 OK t2si6832220oef.28

Step 5. Now type " data " and hit enter.

For gmail you will get following response, but different server may give different response so don't worry.

354  Go ahead t2si6832220oef.28

Step 6. Now type following commands and hit enter

subject: Hi This is a test email
Hi buddy how are you. this is a
Don't reply to this email. :P

Once you finish typing your message here..
Just hit enter twice and then type dot "." and hit enter.

You will get the following response.

220  Mail queued for delivery.

How to send Emails from Command Prompt.
220  Mail queued for delivery.
if you are sending email to your own gmail or some other account then please check it spam folder, they have SPF record checking enabled so the email might go to spam folder.

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